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Crowned by Juliet invites you to view our glittering collection of finely-crafted tiaras and hair adornments.

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We are delighted to provide a large selection of hair adornments and jewelry to complement your bridal style.  If you have any questions about our pieces or about styling for yourself or your wedding entourage, please contact us. We love hearing from our clients!

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Crowned by Juliet is a place where glamour and elegance are combined to make romantic visions a stunning reality.

At Crowned by Juliet we’re celebrating women from sea to shining sea by showing off their diversity and creativity and beauty. We want the stars align to give you the wedding day of your dreams; and we hope to contribute to your joy!

A bride’s light dazzles from within and warms the hearts of those who see her and love her. We hope to help you dazzle on the outside too, with hair adornments that truly complete your vision.

Whether it’s a breathtaking simulated-diamond tiara or a starfish beach comb, a boho frontlet or a winter crown, (we even have bling for your cowboy hat), we will help you make magic.
We would truly enjoy hearing your style questions; making brides even more beautiful gives us great pleasure because we love what we do!

It’s the brides that make the tiaras and vines come alive with beauty and style.  Each bride radiates joy in her own way, walking up the aisle to meet her betrothed; the romance fills the air, the sighs and tears and excitement touch every person watching.  We enjoy knowing that your hair adornment will add to the magic of the moment.

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