Hottest Trends in Bridal Headpieces for 2023

Hottest Trends in Bridal Headpieces for 2023

These are the hottest trends in bridal headpieces for 2023 and you’re going to love them! Bridal shows and Paris runways are flush with pearls & porcelain, vintage-inspired halos (hello 1960s!), headbands,Bridgerton, and royal tiaras.

Let’s start with pearls! Bridal pearls, always fashionable, are making a bigger splash this year.  You’ll find more of them, in more sizes and colors; they’re on tiaras and veils and other wedding accessories, especially bridal headbands; single pearls are tucked into braids and updos; dainty pearl combs and hairpins with sprays of beads and crystals complement pearl-studded wedding gowns and add a touch of sophistication.

Also new this year are the porcelain flowers appearing in wedding hairpieces. These white and ivory elements are carefully hand-made from clay, and shaped like roses, lilies, and other flowers. Their vintage-vibe is similar to the wax flowers worn by French brides in the early 1900s.

And vintage is BACK!  1920s’ flapper accessories, 1960-80s’ lace and pearl tiaras and bridal headbands are au-courant once more. (You can find these styles in old wedding pics.) Everything old is new again.

Whether it’s a simple line of crystal baguettes or frothy sprays of tulle and pears, headbands are everywhere. You see them very slim or very wide. They can appear in delicate lacey satin or in a geometric pattern of Swarovski crystals.  Bridal headbands are popular because they’re easy to wear and go well with most hairstyles—they can even be worn over a low-bun. Even those who are shy about wedding halos can find a headband style that adds the perfect finishing touch to her vision.

Bridgerton jewelry is everywhere now!  The Regency-era combs, feather-hairpins, and multi-colored tiaras have brides clamoring for look-a-likes. Bridgerton hair extravaganzas alone have brought updos to unseen levels (and tested the talents of hairstylists all over!).

The biggest surprise trend, also influenced byBridgerton, is the heightened demand for tiaras.   If they weren’t already popular with brides, prom-girls, quinces, and pageants, royalty has made them de-rigueur.  The Crown Netflix series has created a frenzy for tiaras– many thanks to Princesses Kate, Meghan, Beatrice, and Eugenie.  Tiaras come in every imaginable style. The most popular are made with Diamanté diamonds or Swarovski Austrian crystals and come in traditional, royal styles.  Still others are pearl-studded with ruby-red or sapphire-blue jewels.  There are tiaras, crowns, and wreaths for Disney Princesses, forest fairies, boho brides, or goth-girls.  Even King crowns for men have come into vogue. Tiaras bring excitement, no matter the occasion, and the choices are endless.

The best thing about the 2023 headpiece trends is surely the fun that goes with finding something wonderful and stylish that matches your theme, hairstyle, and gown on your very special day!

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