The Story Behind Crowned By Juliet

The Story Behind Crowned By Juliet

Nothing spikes my serotonin more than packaging delicate, sparkling, bridal hair accessories in velvet boxes and pouches for brides waiting to receive some wedding magic. If I could include real fairy dust in those packages I would— absolutely! 

I’m one of those people who spends hours choosing gifts and wrapping them with extra pretty baubles and ribbons and sparkles for every person I bestow them on—emphasis on sparkles.  I can remember the first birthday card I received with glitter on it. I think I slept with it that night.  

I have put these two loves together with a long education in fashion styles and haute couture, in costume history and accessories to create a business that I never tire of—wedding tiaras and headpieces.  I have been a designer and seamstress for theatre productions from Shakespeare to Disney. It’s thrilling to apply those talents to matching the whites, ivories, and blush-pinks of wedding gowns.   

If it’s an Empire gown that you’re wearing, I know what complements it– I can even suggest an Empire hairstyle, lol. There is sometimes a fine line between “stunning” and “over-the-top”, or between “perfect” and “clashing”.  Although everyone interprets that slightly differently, you want someone who knows where that line is drawn when you aren’t sure. I am that someone! 

When you love more than one or two pieces, I will send you pics of all of them side by side. I can show you similar ones that you haven’t noticed, suggest styles that make a good match with your gown and theme, or even suggest a customization. Just message me!  

I love the wedding industry.  I’ve been to many bridal shows and have enjoyed every single thing about them.  First—may I say that the (primarily) women in this business are almost always warm and kind and helpful.  We love what we do!  We love making brides glow a little brighter and walk a little lighter on their wedding day.  It’s important for us to get it right and  know that we’ve been a part of your most romantic day.   

Secondly—I enjoy the privilege of meeting my brides in person. I spend every moment of a bridal show fastening tiaras and headpieces on smiling women, helping them imagine hairstyles, providing advice on buns and hair extensions, and holding up mirrors to see all sides of an accessory.  There’s a lot of sparkle on display at a bridal show and that right there makes me happy too.  

It isn’t always easy, getting it right, but every problem provides me with more experience and knowledge that makes it easier for brides with what they need and want. 

I do have other clients, of course.  There are the crowns for birthday princess parties, anniversary and Valentine’s gifts, pageant tiaras, king crowns for him, and even proms and Sweet Sixteens.  The variety is amazing and interesting and I hope to keep growing every year- both as a business and as a person. 

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