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30 % off Black Friday Sale Entire Store until Nov.30. Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY23



Frequently Asked

We know that special events come with a lot of decisions. That also means a lot of questions. In an effort to make your experience simpler and more enjoyable, we’ve put together the questions that we hear most often, and have answered them for you here. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please send us an email or give us a call, we are happy to help.

Packages are now being shipped by UPS to all US addresses and should arrive within 4-10 business days. (Covid-19 can slow that down sometimes, but rarely.) Express shipping options are available at checkout. According to the government website, Americans can import goods worth up to US$800 without any customs’ duties applied. This has not yet ever been a concern for our American clients, and no packages have ever been held for inspection at the US border. We don’t anticipate any difficulties that way for our American brides.

Here are several aspects of measurements explained.

First, let’s discuss “Embellished”: “Embellished length” refers to the part of the tiara or headpiece that is decorated or bejeweled. Tiaras often have “arms” that do not have any decorations on them. This measurement helps you to visualize how the piece will look on your head. Likewise, the embellished section of a necklace does not include the plain part of the chain.

Metric and Imperial: Our measurements include both Metric – centimeters and grams (for Canada) and Imperial inches and ounces (for the USA).

Earrings are weighed together as a pair.

Accuracy of Measurements: Tiaras and vines and headpieces can be somewhat difficult to measure accurately. That being said, we do our best to keep the numbers exact and within a half-centimeter of accuracy. Round pieces can be flexible and therefore things like diameter might be altered when worn. If you have any questions about measurements, please contact us.

If you are unsure that the measurements given in the description provide a good fit, you should know that most of our pieces are somewhat mouldable and have a little room to loosen up a tight fit, or tighten a loose fit. If the headpiece you have is very stiff and a poor fit, contact us for support.

Anchor loops on the tiara “arms” can be used with hair pins or bobby pins to secure the tiara.

On each end of most tiaras, there is a small “anchor loop” that will be hidden by the hair, which is meant to be used with a bobby pin to secure the tiara firmly in place. This ensures that your piece doesn’t move, slip or falter during your special life event.

Most tiaras do have some flexibility in the metal and can be slightly bent to fit your head comfortably. You can also ‘sew’ the tiara or crown into your hair with a needle and thread that match your hair color; snip and pull the thread at the end of your event and the headpiece will be easily removed.

HALO: At Crowned by Juliet, we refer to any piece that can be worn anywhere on the head as a Halo. It differs from a headband in that headbands are usually only worn one way on the head. It can sometimes be doubled to wear as a wrap or vine.

VINE: Vines are very long and thin and can be threaded and braided in with your hairstyle, or worn as a wreath or bun-wrap.

CLIPS: Clips stay in the hair with ‘alligator clips’ and can be reinforced with Bobbie-pins where necessary.

HEADBANDS: These are worn over the top of the head, usually from ear to ear.

WREATHS AND CIRCLETS: These are complete circles, like crowns. Some are vines or halos that have been connected to form a wreath to wear all around the head.

BOHO: Boho, or Bohemian, implies pieces that are not traditional, or that are avante-guard, many of which are worn on the forehead.

VINTAGE: These are pieces, often with chiffon or satin fabric, that hearken back to the last century, and bring a softer, classic style to the bridal ensemble.

Everyone has slight differences in both their head-shape and their preferences. So when you try on your piece, you should first ensure that it feel comfortable. There is a little “give” in most of our pieces to help mold it to your head, whether for a tighter or a looser fit. If the headpiece you have is very stiff or a poor fit, please contact us for support.

Some tiaras look better close to the front (even right on the forehead!) and others are suited farther back or even around a bun. If you’re unsure, you can ask an experienced hairstylist what would suit your style best. Of course, you can also ask us! Send us an email with some photos and we’ll be delighted to advise you.

Our tiaras and hair adornments are finely crafted pieces of jewelry and should be handled with care. Clean them off after use with the jewelry cloth (provided) and store them in their jewelry box or bag with the silicone-gel pack inside to absorb moisture and dampness which can cause tarnish to some pieces. Speak to your jeweler should you notice any discolouring. (You can contact us as well for advice.)

At this time, we only ship within Canada and the United States. Once Covid-19 international postal restrictions are lifted, we will be shipping anywhere in the world.

Of course we can help! We are experienced and knowledgeable about fashion and styles and would be happy to recommend two or three pieces to help you decide. Sometimes the venue influences our decision as well, so contact us with a photo of your dress and some information about your theme and venue and we will happily respond.

Due to the nature of the bridal industry, we must decline refunds, but we do provide exchanges (no one should wear something that they don’t like on their wedding day).

Please read our purchase and exchange policies carefully so that you can qualify for an exchange easily. You must contact us and ship within 5 days of the confirmation of your receipt of the order so that you qualify for the exchange.

The client pays the return shipping both ways.

The extension chain attaches differently to each type of clasp. If you can’t decide how to attach it, a few minutes at a jewelry store should solve the problem. It is very unlikely that they will charge you for so simple an adjustment.

We do sometimes customize, depending on the variations that you’re looking for. Contact us and we can discuss what you whether we can accommodate the changes you want.

If you have seen something that you love, send us a photo and we will see if we can find it for you. We have many items in our inventory that are not posted on our website.

Though we can’t always answer your dreams, we will do our very best.