30 % off Black Friday Sale Entire Store until Nov.30. Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY23

30 % off Black Friday Sale Entire Store until Nov.30. Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY23


About us


Brides will find one of the widest selections of fine tiaras and hair adornments anywhere in Canada or the USA when they land on the Crowned by Juliet website.”

These words were the mantra that inspired the creation of our online store; we wanted to give brides a place that specialized in beautiful bridal headpieces with more choices than they’ve ever had before.  And we wanted it all top drawer: the finest materials, glamourous packaging, and polished, smiling photographs of models mirroring our diversity. We envisioned our brides experiencing all the heart-pounding sensations that make buying their bridal ensemble a magical experience.

And we have done it! We have done all those things at Crowned by Juliet, making our dreams, and hopefully our clients’ dreams, become amazingly real right before our eyes.


Our founder, Debra Griffin, has been involved in  semi-professional theatre for years. She thrives on designing costumes that enhance the personas of each character through choice of costume and headwear. Her theatre experience led to her building a small company, The Fairy Crown Mother,  which created beautiful fascinators, hat extravaganzas, and lifelong, birthday tiaras for all ages.

Eventually she focused primarily on bridal headpieces, which was when she noticed the gaping absence of a specialty Canadian tiara and headpiece store with vast selection, like the ones available to American brides. She decided right then to build an online store that would alleviate the anxiety of border customs, high-cost foreign shipping, mailing delays, and the increasing difference in the US dollar. American brides would also benefit from the site’s lower prices.

But it was the love and romance of bridal headpieces that truly ignited her passion:

My background in costume design contributed to a love of show-stopping, beautiful illusions. Couple that with my constant interest in haute couture, and I became increasingly inspired to create an online store — a place where brides could elevate the elegance of their wedding day with a tiara or headpiece designed to complement their wedding style.”


Debra now focuses her energy and her years of experience making sensational waves in the bridal industry. Through her online boutique, she is finally able to give our own brides an unparalleled selection of tiaras, crowns, halos, and hair adornments.


Some of the names we chose for the tiaras and adornments may sound familiar.  Many of them have a story (which is posted on that page) rooted in our North American culture, geography, and history. Whether named for a festival, a mountain, or iconic architecture, a successful woman or a daring voyageur, we peered into the essence of each headpiece to ensure that the name spoke to us, hoping that it would speak to you as well.

Of course not every piece is named for something in our many-splendoured country; some are named for the spirit of the design (like the ATHENA, our goddess tiara). Some are named for a Shakespearean connection (complementing our iconic Juliet).  Some names are chosen simply because they fit the piece. We hope you enjoy discovering things on our site that are close to your heart, or close to your home town.


If you’re not certain which headpiece style to choose, we can help.  We have an expert on fashion with an incredible eye for what will work best with your attire.  For the 24 hours that celebrate your marriage to the love of your life, you are romantic royalty! Romance, dear brides, comes in many guises and if you aren’t sure what works best for you, please ask us.  We are experienced in the ‘je ne sais quoi’ of making styles and dreams come together perfectly.

There’s a new wedding trend that takes the glamour of headpieces to the bridesmaids.  Can you imagine?! We have so much selection at Crowned by Juliet that coordinating headpieces for brides and bridesmaids inspires many options. Brides are able to match vines and combs and hairpins, or tiaras and vines with other members of their bridal party.  As well, our hair pins and smaller combs add an elegant touch to mothers of the bride and groom. Whatever your visions, if you need help pulling the styles together, send us an email and we’ll happily help coordinate the look you’re searching for.

Our styling skills aren’t just for brides; besides our bridal party clients, we welcome styling questions from those searching for prom, quinceanera, bat mitzvah, sweet sixteen, or ballroom hair adornments.


Your “Crowned by Juliet” purchases will arrive in our exclusive heirloom packaging. You’ll be greeted with ribbons and gold and an exquisite velvet jewelry case or satin-lined velvet pouch. We want to hear Ohhs! and Ahhs! when you unbox your package, so if you record that special moment, please share!

Now that you know a little more about us, we look forward to learning a little bit more about you! Please share your stories with us about your experiences with Crowned by Juliet.  Tell us what excited you and give us your thoughts on how to improve. We are client-driven and look forward finding new ways to delight our customers.

Thank you for being a part of our dream, and for allowing us the pleasure of being a part of yours!