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Royal York

Words simply cannot describe the brilliance that is the ROYAL YORK Tiara. The light blue cubic zirconia jewels of the ROYAL YORK tiara duplicates the tiara from Queen Elizabeth’s Brazilian Aquamarine set.  (Only available  in prismatic diamond-clear.)


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Royal York

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The platinum setting of the ROYAL YORK displays lotus flower motifs embellished with baguette-cut and square-step cut cubic zirconia diamonds. The spectacular, prismatic, rectangular-cut simulated diamond truly sets this tiara apart and is certain to draw wide-eyed admiration, just like the grand Toronto hotel for which it is named.

(No longer available in aquamarine.)

High Point: 8cm. Length: 34cm. Embellished Length: 24cm. Diameter: 14cm. Weight: 126 grams
High Point: 3 inches. Length: 13.3”. Embellished Length: 9.5”. Diameter: 5.5”. Weight:  4.4 oz.

More brilliant than crystals, cubic zirconia diamonds are unparalleled in flawlessness and clarity, and are the closest simulated jewel to authentic, mined diamonds.

For her coronation in 1953, the people of Brazil presented Queen Elizabeth II with perfectly matched Aquamarine jewels in a necklace and earring set. In 1958, the Queen was gifted with more aquamarines from Brazil, which she then made into the full tiara parure (matching set) that she still enjoys wearing today.


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