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Mariposa Tiara

Duchess Kate Middleton, married to Prince William, was recently spotted wearing this tiara on her way to a private event in London. It was a favourite of the Queen Mother as well. We loved it so much that we had a duplicate created for our brides. The MARIPOSA is a dazzling tiara, lavishly inlaid with Austrian crystals.


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Mariposa Tiara

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One brilliant-cut Austrian crystal sits at the centre of each wild-rose in the sparkling MARIPOSA tiara. Every surface on the art-deco MARIPOSA is carefully inlaid with Austrian crystals creating a dazzling glow. Light dances off the jewels! The supporting band at the bottom of the tiara adds greater dimension with brilliant-cut matching crystals. It’s easy to see why the Queen Mother adored this piece.

High Point: 5 cm. Length: 31 cm. Embellished Length: 27 cm. Diameter: 14 cm. Weight: 112 grams
High Point: 2 inches. Length: 12”. Embellished Length: 10.5”. Diameter: 5.5”. Weight: 4 oz.

The original of this tiara is called the Strathmore Rose tiara and was loved and worn often by the Queen Mother from her personal collection. In 1959 she gave it to Princess Margaret who then lent it to her new daughter-in-law Serena Stanhope for her wedding to her son Viscount Linley in 1993. It recently was worn by Kate, Duchess of Cambridge at a state dinner.


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