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Spencer Crystal

Diana, Princess of Wales, chose the SPENCER family heirloom tiara to wear for her wedding to Prince Charles. We are delighted to offer you this smaller replica tiara, made with Austrian crystals, to wear for your own celebrations.



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Spencer Crystal

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The Austrian crystal SPENCER crown / tiara displays a variety of shapes including tulips, fleur-de-lis, a heart, wild roses, and scrolling foliage. Each is embellished with Austrian crystals that create an amazing sparkle for the lucky princess wearing it. Our replica has an added crystal at the center of the high point.

The Spencer tiara will arrive in a satin-lined, heirloom, velvet bag.

Crowned by Juliet also carries a more luxurious version of this tiara, with AAAA Diamante diamonds set in platinum, called the SPENCER DIAMANTE iara.

High Point: 4.5 cm, Length: 32 cm. Embellished Length: 20 cm. Diameter: 14 cm. Weight: 74 grams
High Point: 1.75 inches. Length: 12.5”. Embellished Length: 8”. Diameter: 5.5”. Weight: 2.6 oz.

Parts of the Spencer tiara date from the 1700s, as the tiara is made from several pieces of jewelry. belonging to Princess Diana’s ancestors. The current style dates from around 1935. Both of Lady Diana’s older sisters, Jane and Sarah, wore the piece at their weddings. Diana frequently wore the piece as it was supposedly lighter and easier to wear than other tiaras at her disposal. Even so, it gave Diana a “cracking headache” according to her brother, Charles Spencer, as she was not used to wearing a tiara for such a long time.



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