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Versailles Luxury Tiara

The classic VERSAILLES luxury tiara would entice even Marie Antionette; it is so lush and sparkling with hundreds of Diamanté diamonds! The VERSAILLES wedding crown is a glittering masterpiece– like the palace for which it’s named.


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Versailles Luxury Tiara

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The VERSAILLES luxury tiara is one of our most exquisite crowns and therefore ideal for any queen, no matter what size her kingdom! This is almost a full-circle crown with a small opening at the back that allows for greater adjustability.

The platinum setting of the VERSAILLES crown is set with 5A Diamanté diamonds in an angel-mount design to allow light to filter from all angles and capture the prismatic quality of the stones. Various sized jewels are styled in brilliant-cut, marquise, and pendeloque for extraordinary interest. The largest are shaped in the emerald cut and line the top medallions of the VERSAILLES (pronounced “ver – sigh”).

High point: 3.5 inches, Length: 18″, Embellished length: 13.5″ Diameter: 6.”. Weight: 6.5 oz.
High point: 9 cm, Length: 46 cm, Embellished length: 34 cm. Diameter: 15 cm. Weight: 184 grams

More brilliant than crystals, Diamanté diamonds ( cubic zirconia) are unparalleled in flawlessness and clarity, and are the closest simulated diamond to authentic, mined diamonds.




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