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Miss Universe Crown

This is a very big WOW! tiara! Miss Universe wore this unique and spectacular Mikimoto crown in 2002-2007 and again in 2017. It resembles peacock feathers and our version is made with Austrian crystals and simulated pearls.



Miss Universe Crown

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The Miss Universe Crown, also known as the Mikimoto Crown, is recognizable from it’s crystal-encrusted peacock feathers trimmed with pearls. Crowned by Juliet carries it in its original, Miss Universe size, and in a medium-sized version as well. Each can be adjusted to fit properly to your head. The larger crown is more substantial in weight and quality.

You’ll feel like pageant royalty wearing either of these beautiful crowns!

MEDIUM size crown (appx. 60% of original size).
High Point: inches, Length: adjustable, Embellished Length: , Diameter: ”. Weight: oz.
High Point: cm, Length: adjustable, Embellished length: cm, Diameter: cm. Weight: grams

LARGE size (original)
High Point: 6.5 inches, Length: adjustable, Embellished Length: 10”, Diameter: 6”. Weight: 9.6 oz.
High Point: 17 cm, Length: adjustable, Embellished length: 26 cm, Diameter: 15 cm. Weight: 271 grams

The MIKIMOTO Crown was designed by Japanese artisan Tomohiro Yamaji in 2000 and was created out of the sponsorship of the Mikimoto Pearl company in 2002 for the commemorative 50th anniversary and as the official jewel sponsor of the Miss Universe Organization.


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Original Size, Medium Size


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