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Kingsbrae Silver

This majestic tiara was created using several gemstone cuts including oval, brilliant, and pear shapes. The scrollwork is encrusted with tiny rose-cut crystals that reflect light from every corner of the room, and Kingsbrae shines brightly in rose-gold, silver, or gold.



Kingsbrae Silver

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Combining several different cuts of gemstones, including oval, brilliant and pear shapes, with intricate scrollwork that is encrusted with tiny rose-cut crystals; this majestic tiara, the KINGSBRAE, is absolutely stunning and shines effusively!

High point: 6cm, Length: 37cm, Embellished Length: 28cm, Diameter: 14cm. Weight: 141 grams
Hight point: 2.25 inches, Length: 14.5”, Embellished Length: 11”, Diameter: 5.5”. Weight: 5 oz

The inspiration for this tiara is the historic Westminster Bagration diamond and pink spinel tiara worn by Russian Princess Catherine Bagration. It was subsequently purchased as a wedding gift by the Earl of Westminster for his new bride, Natalie, Duchess of Westminster, and belongs to her still.


The Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, is a Canadian National and Provincial Award Winning horticultural masterpiece, named one of Canada’s Top Ten Public Gardens.


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Silver, Rose-gold, Gold

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